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Create your 3D floor plan and customize it with over 1000 pieces of furniture according to your taste.



Would you like to create a 3D floor plan quickly and easily and maybe even set it up with modern furniture?

Then you have found exactly the right software with Home Designer - Architecture.

With just a few clicks you can quickly create rooms and entire floor plans.

You can even import an image file as a template and just trace it.

You can insert doors and windows into the walls and adjust their design and size.

Once your floor plan is complete, it's time for the interior design.

Here you have over 1000 pieces of furniture available to use to create your 3D floor plan.

When the interior design is complete, use the photo function to create realistic images.





  •     Draw rooms in 2D or 3D
  •     Import a 2D drawing as a template
  •     Change the height of the room and the thickness of the walls (inside and outside)
  •     Create doors and windows (fully configurable)
  •     Use the photo function to record your floor plan from different perspectives




  •     Use over 1000 different furniture and accessories and decorate your 3D floor plan
  •     Furniture can also be resized
  •     Use numerous wall colors and floor designs
  •     Use image editing to make your result even more realistic
  •     Use the photo feature to capture and share your design



I hope you enjoy Home Designer – Architecture

Home Designer - Architecture



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